I thought we were going to be forever. Turns out that was about six months. Thanks to TR I don't have to explain the name branded cattle-style on my ass (with little red flames!). I'm ready to ride again!
--Susie Brenner

When I was in a sorority, a little butterfly on my wrist was daring. But I'm more into punk rock now, and butterflies are NOT punk rock. I wouldn't be caught dead at a Deathtoad concert with something like that! Thanks to Eddie, I can hide my embarrassing past at Sigma House!
--Jenna Parker

I spent years getting my back piece, and thousands of dollars. But now that I'm a house husband, it just isn't me anymore, and the kids poke at the flaming skull in the bath. But after coming to TR, I look just like everyone else again. What a relief!
--Bob Hollister

This one time I got drunk and the tattoo guy couldn't spell. DETH FRUM ABUV is not that cool, LolCats notwithstanding. Eddie fixed me right up, and now I can show my face at CatCon 09!
--Frankie Sallo