Jack and the Dictionary

I don’t really know what to say. The only reason I’m even posting about this is because all you guys commented that you knew what was wrong with Wren and that you could explain it.

You said you could explain it.

It takes some shit going down for me to not even give care that Stephanie kissed me. She apologized later, said she was projecting, that she wanted Wren and I was there, and…oh, all the crap you really want to hear.

But Jack came today, like he said he would. He was more put together, shaved and combed and all. But when Wren saw him she basically hid behind me like a little kid. Said she didn’t want to talk to him and couldn’t he leave her alone.

But he couldn’t. On account of the mark, the tattoo, whatever.

He said it wasn’t a tattoo, it was a place, a place you could go to, if you wanted it bad enough. A place with a funny name–I looked it up later. And that he’d been to that place with Wren, that she wouldn’t talk to him in the real world, but in that other place they knew each other, they had been together…

Oh, man, this all just sounds so crazy. It’s a sexually-transmitted city, he said. And he needed to find her, to talk to her, so that they could find other people like them. But Wren was scared of him, she didn’t understand what was happening to her.

This isn’t real, this can’t be real.

I looked at Steph while Jack was talking. She looked back at me. Later, after Jack left and Wren was quietly freaking out in the lobby, she said: it’s an experiment. Someone has to try it. Has to sleep with her. I’ll take this one for the team. I’ll tell you everything. I’ll record it all. Then we’ll know if it’s true or not. It’s scientific.


And I’ll be scientifically alone tonight yet again.


Palimpsest: noun. A parchment or the like from which writing has been partially or completely erased to make room for another text.

I look at the dictionary and say: that’s me. Scraped away to make room for a better story.

2 Responses to “Jack and the Dictionary”

  1. Dvash Says:

    Not all of us feel scraped away. Sometimes it just expands your story, enriches it, chapter and verse tangled in new and interesting ways.

  2. Feressa Says:

    There is nothing wrong with Wren. There is nothing wrong with her dreams. Some places are beyond explaination.

    Also, there are more of those streetmaps that you can truly imagine. Wren is very certainly not alone.

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