Solace, Quantum of

No tits.

I did get to hear about the flensings, though. I guess her mom is from New Zealand and some crazy hippie (I’m disappointed she named her kid Stephanie and not Sunshine or Arwen), so when she was thirteen they flew out to Auckland to have this guy fully cut her neck up as a coming of age ritual. I mean, flensing is hardcore. They cut long strips of skin away and let it heal, then cut deeper until those marks are never, ever coming out. Then they might put a little dye in there. Steph’s are black. It took months, and her mom just worked remotely and rented an apartment and took her to get flensed every couple of weeks, praying and fasting with her, making jewelry and running around the sheep fields naked to commune with the gods.

Steph says she’s glad it happened, that she doesn’t know anyone else who was so damn sure when they stopped being a kid and started being a grown up. She felt weird about the marks at school for awhile, but Steph can put a hole in the office wall with her fist, and has, so I figure she got by ok.

I wish we could hook our Moms up.

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